A new network of leaders in older adult ministries in the Tennessee Conference has been formed by ENCORE Ministry called ENCORE Ministry District Team Leaders.

The role of ENCORE Ministry District Team leaders is to provide consultation and resource information and to facilitate district workshops for local church leaders in older adult ministry in their respective districts.  Team leaders may be involved in any or all of the following activities:

Older Adult Ministry Advocacy

  • To advocate on behalf of the needs of older adults and older adult concerns in their district churches and communities and within the Tennessee Conference

Older Adult Ministry Consultation

  • To meet with local church older adult ministry leadership teams
  • To work with local church older adult ministry leadership teams in doing an assessment of the church’s ministry with older adults
  • To provide information about starting and sustaining older adult ministry
  • To assist local churches in developing intentional older adult ministry
  • To provide information and assistance for local church leaders in applying for grant funding in older adult ministry through the Golden Cross Foundation

Older Adult Ministry Training Events

  • To provide training that benefits district churches by supplying current information, building knowledge, and sharing resources in the area of older adult ministries

Older Adult Ministry Networks

  • To establish and promote network gatherings for church leaders in their respective districts in support of their ministry by, with, and for older adults

Older Adult Ministry Resources

  • To know where to obtain resources in their communities related to aging concerns and older adult ministries
  • To know what resources need to be developed for intentional older adult ministries

ENCORE Ministry Team

  • To meet regularly for information sharing and learning opportunities with other ENCORE Ministry Team leaders

For contact information, please see the Contact Us page.

Dr. Richard H. Gentzler, Jr.
Director, ENCORE Ministry