A Planning Process for Effective Older Adult Ministry

As Christians, and especially as United Methodists, we are all too often painfully aware of our differences. Our socioeconomic backgrounds, gender, race, sexual orientation, professions, interests, and beliefs may separate us. Even attitudes and beliefs about aging and the elderly can fragment us. We all age differently.

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Online Shopping Can Lead to Big Deals…or Bigger Scams

While shopping online is more convenient these days, the recent increase has also presented an increased opportunity for scammers. To read more about how to protect your money and sensitive personal information, click here.

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Survey Helps Church Leaders Better Understand Older Adults’ Needs During COVID-19

ENCORE ministries at Belmont United Methodist Church, Nashville, under the direction of Rev. Jim Robinson has put together an excellent questionnaire to help church leaders understand the needs of older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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