Scams Targeting Veterans (November 2020 Scam of the Month)

A recent AARP survey found that twice as many veterans are scammed as civilians. These scams can take many forms including fake employment opportunities, false charities, COVID-19 scams, or convincing veterans to sign over future income in exchange for a large lump sum payment.   Here’s how veterans can be vigilant: Don’t Give Personal Information: Don’t give any personal information over the ...

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Scam of the Month: Medicare Scam Awareness (October 2020)

It’s almost open enrollment time for more than 60 million Medicare participants. As you consider the many options, keep an eye out for scams. Scammers use this time as an opportunity to take advantage of older adults. Here are some common Medicare scams and how to avoid them: You receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from Medicare. They say you need to provide your Medicare number ...

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You Have a Purpose

by Pat Brandenstein

You have a purpose if you are still breathing!

On September 30, 1993, I was working as a school nurse in the clinic at DeSoto (Texas) East Junior High School. The phone rang and a man said he was calling from the DeSoto Police Department. My heart immediately stopped. I was thinking of my 16-year-old daughter who had just received her driver’s license.

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