Guest Contributor

by Dr. Jim Clardy

Sue Jones was a very faithful member of the Senior Adults Growing, Exploring and Serving (SAGES) Ministry Team at Murfreesboro’s St. Mark’s United Methodist Church. For years, Sue supported the church’s bus fund and encouraged church leaders to buy a new bus for use by SAGES and all church members.

About a year ago, Sue was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. During her treatment, Sue continued to encourage the church to think about buying a new bus. Ultimately, Sue died from her cancer.

Shortly after the Celebration of Life service, Sue’s family asked church staff what the church needed. They were told, “A new bus.”

Aware that their mother was very interested in the prospects of a new church bus, Sue’s sons made another appointment a few weeks later with pastors and SAGES’ leaders and presented a generous gift. Combined with gifts already in the bus fund, the amount was enough to purchase a new bus.

Today, the bus sits in St. Mark’s UMC parking lot just waiting for the day (post-COVID) when members can take great trips supporting God’s ministry in whatever ways that may prove to be.

Dr. Jim Clardy is a retired United Methodist minister serving as executive pastor of St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He is also an ENCORE Ministry Committee member.